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Who are we ?

Training is the main door to the administrative, economical and technical development, it is the fundamental tool for upgrading personal skills and exposing it to the latest contemporary world updates, it is the choice of nations seeking progression. Due to this belief, the EBC was founded on 1991 to be the first Arab training center in the area and the first ISO 9001/2015 holder training center, that’s plus other several international scientific accreditation. EBC is specialized in the training business and the continuous development of corporations and individuals’ life. EBC has co-operation agreements with prestigious organizations and academies.

EBC has earned great experience and significant position in the training and development field. EBC has many offices widespread all over numerous cities. For more over than 25 years of performance, EBC has gained many awards and certificates of appreciation from well-known international organizations. 

EBC offers courses in the following fields:

Administration, Leadership & Human Resources . . Finance & Accounting . . Law & Security . . Information Technology
Media & Public Relations . . Radio & TV . . Security & Occupational Safety . . Engineering . . Oil & Gas

We have to distinguish who choose us even if we belong to the same business field, we are totally variant .. that made a distinction in our success. The innovation that we launch in the changing world all the time depends on the updated quality added during participation in the training courses which follows the latest international criteria. Due to this, we care to present the most recent and developed techniques to our clients and eventually awarding the participants with officially & internationally accredited certificates.