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Official and International Accreditation

Reflection to our notable performance in the training field , the center got the highest of scientific and technical certification in order to provide the trainees  all accredited official certificates they aspire to.


International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001/2015


After six months of supervision from the English company UKAS ) the first globally categorized ISO providing company) ; the EBC regained the ISO 9001/2015 certificate .. The EBC guarantee all the training services with highest efficacy and proficiency for the sake of its honourable clients’ full satisfaction.


International Accreditation organization IAO


It is an international quality control agency that works on upgrading QC standards in all organizations around the world and it provides the accreditation to education institutes and training center .. Accreditation process occurs through a sophisticated committee that evaluate all working aspects .. The EBC was accredited by the IAO in order to develop the training programs and upscale it to the best.


BRIT College


BRIT college is an organization for higher education in the United Kingdom – London .. BRIT college is specialized in some diplomas as Administrative and financial science courses .. Technical training programs .. English language learning program .. After revision of the QC criteria followed in the EBC from a quality control agency belonging the BRIT College; the EBC was accredited .. So according to this co-operation, any official certificate published from the EBC is also accredited from the BRIT college.


International Islamic University Malaysia


IIUM was constructed on 1983 by the Malaysian government with the aid of some Islamic countries .. IIUM has special qualities that place it in an internationally distinctive scientific position .. IIUM is looking forward to regain the nation leadership in the knowledge and science fields .. IIUM is approved by the ministries of high education of the Arab-Islamic world .. IIUM is a member in International Association Of Universities (IAU) .. The Association of Commonwealth Universities .. The Federation Of The Universities Of Islamic World (FUMI) .. League of Islamic Universities .. According to the common visions and targets between IIUM & EBC, all certificates published from EBC are accredited from IIUM.


Project management institute


EBC offers training courses programs in professional projects management, presented by our professional trainers who got their accredited certificates from Project management institute (PMI), in accordance with the best training criteria and highest quality relevant to the participants expectations.