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Military and Security Sciences

Introduction to Defense and Security

Introduction to Defense and Security This training course will enhance delegate’s knowledge and understanding of the development and functioning of risk management and mitigation in the context of terrorism and Cyber-attack . The training course will highlight the methodology for assessing vulnerabilities associated with threats, specific risks, control, mitigation and decisions making. The scope of […]

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills This Advanced Negotiation Skills training course is designed to explain the negotiation process in detail and demonstrate how to use it effectively, giving delegates the negotiation skills and strategies they need to succeed in today’s challenging commercial environment. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to : Have

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Processing Evidence in Criminal Investigation

Processing Evidence in Criminal Investigation This Course looks at a Core Investigative Doctrine on the Principles of Criminal Investigation, which will assist investigators at any level to meet targets set by the respective Governments to increase the number of offenders brought to justice and thereby improve public confidence in the investigative process. At the end

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Criminal Investigations And The Law

Criminal Investigations And The Law This Course is primarily designed for legal and non-legal professionals with an interest in investigations and prosecutions. The Criminal Investigations and the Law Course educates participants about a variety of aspects of criminal investigations and criminalistics. The course will further equip participants with investigative skills in solving cybercrimes by learning

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Security Crisis Management and Security Negotiation Skills

Security Crisis Management and Security Negotiation Skills The program has been designed to be interactive with several case studies and group exercises. A modular approach will take the delegates through the four stages of Crisis Management – Preparation, Planning, Response, and Recovery. Participative lectures will involve the use of PowerPoint, handout material, work manual with

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Digital and Cybercrime

Digital and Cybercrime This training course addresses the implications of universal digitalization and emerging digital transformation technologies on creating exposures for cyber crimes as applied to the police and law enforcement domain.Training delegates will learn about cyber crime fundamentals, modern cybersecurity framework, security convergence, cybersecurity exposures and sources of cyber crimes, mitigation strategies, and risk

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Evidence in Criminal Investigations

Evidence in Criminal Investigations This training course is a great chance for law enforcement officers and staff who want to improve their ability to investigate all crime types efficiently and effectively from basic theft cases through to serious and complex enquiries. It will explain the importance of adopting a clear and robust methodology when investigating

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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals On this training course, participants will gain an understanding of what OSINT is and how to utilize it. Moreover, participants will learn how to efficiently collect, monitor, and analyze OSINT findings and present these to stakeholders.Upon completion of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in the field of OSINT

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Communication Skills for Police Personnel

Communication Skills for Police Personnel This highly interactive training course explores underpinning theories and best practices allowing the participants to put knowledge and skills into practice in a safe learning environment. Whilst identifying time, place, and opportunities to transfer learning back into the workplace. Key areas of communication such as body language, cultural considerations, influencing

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VIP Protection & Planning

VIP Protection & Planning This program provide the attendees with an understanding of how to prevent and lessen the likelihood of a criminal or terrorist attack against those they provide protective services to. Sophisticated criminal or terrorist attacks are always difficult to detect or predict. In reality, quite often these acts of terrorism or criminal

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