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Training Cities

The choice of training venues is of great importance to all participants in our training courses, all required services are available in any city where our training programs take place such as means of transportation, tourist and recreational places, and hotel services which includes the appropriate training environment. So, in order to meet the training needs, a number of the most important global cities have been selected which all services, comfort, luxury and high-quality conditions are available to implement training works. Therefore, we hope that these cities will satisfy your choices and requirements to implement all your courses with high quality and performance.

Riyadh .. Saudi Arabia

Jeddah .. Saudi Arabia

Dubai .. The Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi .. Arab Emirates

Doha .. Qatar

Muscat .. Sultanate of Oman

Kuwait .. Kuwait

Cairo .. Egypt

Sharm Alsheikh .. Egypt

Istanbul .. Turkey

Kuala Lumpur .. Malaysia

Tripoli .. Libya

Tunisia .. Tunisia

Casablanca .. Morocco

Khartoum .. Sudan

Ammaan .. Jordan

Beirut .. Lebanon

Damascus .. Syria

London .. England

Paris .. France

Barcelona .. Spain

Amsterdam .. the Netherlands

Athens .. Greece

Vienna .. Austria