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Specialized Administrative, Financial And Technical Consultations

European Business Center provides scientific and practical advice To achieve the results and objectives desired by our clients by identifying the most important administrative and financial problems And work to solve it through Complete applied scientific solutions Which is provided by a distinguished team of senior consultants and specialized experts In all fields of management consulting, strategic management, human resources management, accounting, financial management, production and operations management, purchasing and warehouse management, Marketing and Sales Management and foreign trade. Where management consulting is considered one of the most important effective factors in the success of large and small enterprises .. And through administrative and financial consulting The performance of organizations and companies is improved By continuous analysis of project management performance and management in general .. By developing marketing and management plans to improv the company’s situation among competitors.

Advantages of obtaining consulting services from European Business Center

The consulting sector at European Business Center has Outstanding team of the elite consulting experts in the Arab world and their number reaches 150 experts and consultants.They all have extensive previous experience in all areas of administrative and financial consulting. And they have a business precedent with many agencies, governments, organizations and major companies in the Arab world.

European Business Center Years of Accumulated Experience :

European Business Center is a long-standing experience house that works to rebuild the Abilities, knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations to keep up with changes and meet future challenges In the twenty-first century It has a great team of the elite Consulting and training more than 150 consultants and experts from international university professors, senior experts, and professional and technical advisors In all Management, financial, technical and engineering fields The center has been providing its expertise in the fields of consulting, consulting services and training since 1993 , The Center has a wide previous experience that extends over a long period of time It covers many advisory services In all specialized Management, financial and technical fields.

The Right Application And Results Is The Secret Of Success Of Consultation :

European Business Center believes that consulting studies have no value is executed from them to the extent that it is implemented from them Therefore, the correct application is the secret to success of any systems development or business development plan That is why our experts always accompany our clients during the Implementation stage They work with them as they were internal staff in order to make up for the lack of experience, time and ability that is through the implementation of the center’s expert team to implement supervision programs and apply consulting studies on systems within the client’s company.


Types of Consultancies And Axes Of Consulting Services :

1. Management Consulting :

We found that management consulting service is part of the needs of the establishments, In our turn, we established the management consulting department Which provides consulting services in several fields, with gaining new experiences from outside the system and access to consultants’ specialized expertise.

  • Developing organizational structures and adapting them with the objectives of the strategic plans and the main services of the organization.
  • Review and develop job description cards and adapting them with the responsibilities of job categories.
  • Reviewing and re-engineering work systems to manage Outstanding and smart organizational operations.
  • Develop service models and documents and automate them in line with the requirements of Outstanding and smart services.

2. Human resource development consulting

We are studying training needs , planning training programmes and Preparing and presenting leadership and management qualification programs.

If one or more of these indicators appear, you need to develop human resource management systems, which are:

  • The continued deterioration in human resources productivity (employees or workers).
  • Speed of work rotation ( Increased rate of resignation or leaving work )
  • Slow down performance in human resources.
  • Too many risks in the performance of work.
  • Low morale among workers.
  • customer dissatisfaction or there many complaints.
  • Increasing conflict between employees within your facility.
  • High rate of delay in starting work.
  • High rates of absence or sick leave.
  • Early leaving in the end of working day.
  • Employees’ sense of inequality and justice.
  • Formulating a human resources strategy according to the company’s future vision.
  • Designing the organizational structure in accordance with the proposed strategy and defining functional competencies and the organizational guide.
  • Preparing a plan for human resources requirements.
  • Counting, analysing, classifying and describing jobs (preparing job description cards).
  • Establishing a list of work and employees.
  • Designing systems for attracting, selecting, appointing and directing workers.
  • Preparing the integrated system for compensation, wages and allowances.
  • Designing a performance-oriented training system and identifying training needs and a training plan.
  • Designing the promotion system and career path planning.
  • Preparing the integrated system to evaluate the efficiency of employees’ performance.
  • Developing an incentives and rewards system and linking it to performance.

3. Strategic Consulting (Strategic and Operational Planning) :

  • Many organizations may not realize the importance of work planning Only after appearing many administrative problems such as (decline in performance, conflict of competence, organizational structure sagging, sales problems, employee dissatisfaction and leaving work, sometimes customers fleeing from the organization Or crises that may overthrow the organization).Due to the rapid and successive global changes We always advise our clients on the path of excellence in management consulting to carry out their work professionally and gradually From the beginning of project creation, step by step, to institutional excellence, We also prepare strategic and operational plans and design the performance indicators By analyzing the current situation, Determine future targets Appropriate to the organization’s capabilities and opportunities in the external environment. In the current competitive situation, strategy is The cornerstone of any organization looking for success. organizations are looking to adopt the appropriate strategy to help it succeed and achieve its strategic objectives. We provide strategic consulting to organizations to enable you to achieve your strategic goals in a systematic way. These services include:
  • Institutional building consultancy for private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Formulate the core ideology of organizations (core purpose – core values).
  • Formulate the future vision of the organizations: (determining the main results areas – the mechanism of progress in the future)
  • Draw a network of goals and set a timetable for achieving future goals.
  • S. W. Analysis of the internal capabilities of the facility. (strengths and weaknesses)
  • O.T. Determine the opportunities and risks that surround the facility (Opportunities, threats and environmental changes).
  • Perform stakeholder analysis and concerned parties.
  • Identify and choose strategic alternatives to achieve future goals.
  • Preparing projects and schedules for implementing the strategy.
  • revise the organizational structure to implement the strategy.
  • Adjustment of pay and incentive systems to support the implementation of the strategy.
  • Preparing and implementing control systems to ensure the proper implementation of the strategy and the achievement of long-term goals.

4. Development organizational consulting

We are setting up an institutional and organizational structure by developing organizational structures and Prepare job description guides, human resources policies and procedures, salary systems, incentives and performance.


If one or more of the following phenomena appeared in your company, your company needs organizational development:

  • Continuously low profitability.
  • Low competitive position In the market for several years.
  • Dissatisfaction with the working managers.
  • Dissatisfaction of stakeholders.
  • Lack of flexibility in dealing with What is happening in the work environment.
  • Too much overlap and conflict in your company’s business performance.
  • Slowness in work performance.
  • Too many mistakes in work performance.
  • Rotation speed of managers and workers.
  • Increased conflict between organizational departments.

Describe your company’s current organization and evaluate and diagnose current organizational problems and their causes and its negative effects through:

  • Study for secondary data for your company’s current organization.
  • Field survey with the managers of the company’s organizational departments (main managers).
  • Describe the current organization through the actual reality.
  • Regulatory environmental dimensions.
  • Standards and organizational principles.
  • The quality of current employment.
  • The quality of used technology.
  • the Quality of the company’s activity.

5. Technical and quality consultation

We prepare the quality system, qualify organizations to obtain international certificates in quality, in addition to qualifying work teams on how to apply various quality systems and improve them continuously.

  • Organization resource planning projects.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP.
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM.
  • Internal operations applications.
  • Team and leadership development consultations.
  • Leadership development program for promising leaders.
  • A self-education project for workers in charitable organizations and civil society organizations.
  • Operations consulting.
  • Market studies.
  • Improving processes.
  • Performance monitoring.

6. Companies Financial Consultations

We evaluate and restructure financial and accounting policies and procedures and we contribute in financing solutions industry suitable for investment expansion.

  • Design Purchasing systems and Documentary cycles of purchases.
  • Logistic planning and control system
  • Supply Chain Management
  • M.R.P. Resource Planning Systems
  • Cloud computing systems applications in Purchasing Management and the relationship with suppliers.
  • Stocktaking, disposal of stagnant stock and return of waste.
  •  Interior design strategies for stores and warehouses.
  • Inventory item coding strategies by using barcoding.
  • Optimum inventory sizing strategies
  • Cloud computing systems applications in stock and warehouse management.

7. Consulting studies in marketing and sales management

Marketing consulting is gaining importance In being the main axis of the project , From the market study we deduce the demand and from demand we specify the project’s production capacity on which it is based we choose technology, means of production and project scale, then we define the production and sales plan and the financial, economic and social project’s revenue. and successful marketing consultancy , Through the Experience Center (European Business Center) You may determine the ability of any product or service to penetrate the market or open new markets Under strong competition from local products and imported goods.

  • Studying the marketing gap for modern projects.
  •  Design the marketing and sales management systems.
  •  Marketing research of all kinds ( Market research, goods and services and distribution center) …etc.
  •  Studying the goods and Services.
  •  Studying the marketing gap for newly imported products.
  •  Identifying sales management issues.
  •  Designing an effective promotional mix for each product.
  •  Designing advertising campaigns and sales promotion campaigns.
  • design and implement of customer relationship management systems (CRM).
  • design and implement of Online marketing and digital advertising campaigns and social media.

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