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European Business Center For Training & Development .. It offers programs and courses for Review & Audit and Risk Management – Online .. Distance training.. Where its importance increases and constantly need it .. It is officially and internationally accredited .. And what distinguishes us in Distance training is our selection of the best trainers and experts Through each targeted specialty .. and Required flexibility In choosing and specifying appropriate times for distance training .. and any distance training program is completely identical to direct training programs .. After completing the course, each participant receives an officially and internationally accredited training certificate .. In addition to the scientific material (( by USB)) sent to each trainee by express mail and E-mail .. Distance training has become more important now because of many benefits the most important is the following : Global reach .. Distance training provides access to educational and training resources from anywhere in the world .. 

This makes it easier for individuals to benefit from training and educational programs without having to travel .. Saving time and cost .. Virtual training reduces the need for travel and residence .. This saves time and a lot of costs associated with traditional training .. Schedule flexibility .. Distance training allows training and learning at any time and from any place that suits the individual which allows people to organize their time better .. Trainees can effectively interact and communicate with trainers .European Business Center is depend international scientific accreditation for all its training courses .. It plays a role in enhancing the quality and credibility of distance training activities for many reasons including : International recognition , International accreditations help in enhancing recognition of the quality and effectiveness of distance training

.. Quality Assurance , International accreditations set high standards for the quality of training and distance learning .. Increase confidence , International accreditations help In Building confidence between trainees and employers in the effectiveness and quality of training .. Motivate development and innovation .. International accreditation encourages continuous development and innovation by setting standards which motivates on improving performance

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Review & Audit and Risk Management - Online


Training Courses ... Review, Audit And Risk Management


R.M 1

Certificate in Modern Internal Audit Practices

R.M 2

Advanced Internal Audit

R.M 3

Internal Audit in Oil and Gas Companies

R.M 4

Internal Controls : Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursements

R.M 5

Audit and Financial Monitoring 

R.M 6

Risk-Based Internal Audit

R.M 7

Report Writing for the Internal Auditor

R.M 8

Final Accounts Audit and Auditing

R.M 9

Monitoring, Evaluation & Risk-Based Auditing

R.M 10

Risk Management : Internal Control & Fraud Prevention

R.M 11

Report Writing for the Internal Auditor

R.M 12

Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Best Practices

R.M 13

Modern Strategies in Auditing and Financial Control in Accordance with International Standards of Auditing ISA

R.M 14

Detection Of Forgery and Financial Fraud

R.M 15

Internal Audit: From Planning to Execution

R.M 16

Review of Financial Accounting & Detecting Fraud

R.M 17

IT Auditing and IT Fraud Detection

R.M 18

Planning & Analytical Systems for Financial Audit Management

R.M 19

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

R.M 20

International Standards in Auditing

R.M 21

Fraud Prevention .. Detection and Investigation

R.M 22

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

R.M 23

Enterprise Risk Management

R.M 24

Active Principles of Management Control

R.M 25

Auditing of Projects and Contractors

R.M 26

Recent trends in Auditing and Examination

R.M 27

Detection Of Forgery and Financial Fraud

R.M 28

Modern Trends in Inspection and Security Control

R.M 29

Accounting and Achieve the Financial Control

R.M 30

Internal Auditing and Management Control

R.M 31

Modern Strategies in Internal Control Systems and Auditing

R.M 32

Modern International Standards of Internal Audit Function

R.M 33

Auditing in the Oil & Gas Industry

R.M 34

Advanced Systems Course in Accounting and Achieve the Financial Control and Evaluation of Performance

R.M 35

Modern Methods to Raise the Efficiency of the Performance of the Accountant and Financial Controller

R.M 36

Modern Trends to Improve the Efficiency of Internal Auditor Performance

R.M 37

Current Trends Course in Internal Auditing and Management Control

R.M 38

Internal Auditing

R.M 39

Enterprise Risk Management

R.M 40

Internal Reporting Control : Financial and Operational